Busy busy busy

Distance: 2.6 miles

Why does the gym always have to be so busy? Today, as I walked into the gym with three strangers, it was like a race to see who could get their shoes on faster to snag the last open treadmill. After throwing some elbows (I only joke), I won the race. I may have beat other newcomers to the treadmill, but if I was racing those on the surrounding treadmills, my ass would have be grass.

While I know I am not competing with the people on the treadmills next to me, I can’t help but feel like less of a runner when I see them trotting along, with ease, at a speed faster than mine. Whenever I realize that I am the “slow treadmill,” my competitiveness kicks in and I try to up my game. Yet, whether it be 30 seconds or 3 minutes later, I am reminded that my short legs cannot match their magnificent strides.

I am hoping that this lack of runner’s confidence will disappear when I return to Lincoln, NE this weekend. Even though the east campus recreation center at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln is falling apart, I love working out there because (1) it is never busy and (2) they have two treadmills that overlook the basketball courts, which allows me to watch guys (half of whom are shirtless…) scrimmage.


2 thoughts on “Busy busy busy

  1. kathryn says:

    You know what I’ve never run on a treadmill. I’ve walked on the things, but that was in my pre-running days. But I kind of suspect I’d be competitive too – well I certainly wouldn’t want to be the “slow treadmill” – and I’d spend the whole time fussing about my speed and trying to keep up, rather than concentrating on the actual running itself. So probably a good thing I’m not a member of a gym!

  2. That is funny, “my short legs cannot match their magnificent strides”. Treadmills and other gym equipments become the best friends for new year resolutioners who usually give up after one month. It is funny post, good luck on your exercise. LOL

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