The Mile, my kryptonite

Distance: 1 mile
Time: 10 min 40 sec

I’ve never been good at running The Mile, yet timed miles have plagued my life. In grade school, we were required to run a time mile in gym class, as part of the presidential fitness exam. While I was never the last kid to cross the finish line, let’s just say, I wasn’t exactly a speed demon.

Then, when I thought I escaped evaluation based on my mile run time (as The Pacer replaced The Mile within my school district), The Mile struck again – this time as part of volleyball tryouts. My high school’s volleyball tryouts were two-a-days. My coaches held the morning component on the track – where we would do Four Corners, mile runs and timed 400s. Even though I loved volleyball – both the sport and my team – these morning tryouts were almost enough to deter me from trying out.

Because miles have always been used as an evaluation tool, The Mile really freaks me out. The Mile is not physically exhausting, rather is it mentally intimidating. When I set out to run one mile, the thought of The Mile consumes my mind. I know I shouldn’t let The Mile get to me as much as it does, but it’s always carried a negative connotation for me. Hopefully, as Janathon progresses, my fear of The Mile diminishes.


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