Day One: Off to a good start

Distance: 2.85 miles

Although my distance is minimal compared to other Janathon participants, I actually surprised myself by running 2.85 miles tonight. I went to the gym (currently Anytime Fitness while I am home over break) thinking “oh, just run a mile or so and we’ll call it good.” But when I wasn’t tired at the mile mark, nor a the second mile mark, I just kept going. I considered going three miles when I was well into my second mile, but I increased my speed too early and decided to settle with 2.85 miles.

As I ran, I thought about how I wanted to approach Janathon. Even though I would like to, I know I can’t run 2+ miles every day right off the bat. When I ran three consecutive days earlier this break, my hips made walking pretty painful. So, in hopes of avoiding walking pains, I think I’m going to do longer distances on odd days while I do mile runs on even days. This way, I can work on my endurance while still working on my speed. While I’m sure I won’t abide by this plan everyday – because I never know what kind of a workout I will have until I’m ten minutes in – I at least have a simple plan of attack.


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